May 13, 2011

Let there be [affordable/portable] light.

We all understand the importance of lighting and how it can affect our end results. Light kits are the best way to light a scene and in most cases will be your primary source of light. That said, if you are shooting a live event - a wedding, a concert, etc. - you will rarely be staging your own lighting setup. So what options do you have? Most people would recommend camera mounted LED bricks, UFOs, or cam kits. - As would I.

For a cheap alternative, take a look at this camping light. It's pretty much a spitting image of the RotoLight for a fraction of the cost. For under $15 bucks you could snag a few of these to keep with you at all times. Trust me, mine has come in handy quite a few times. 
update: Haven't tried these yet but they should fit no problem with a little DIY velcro work.

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