April 13, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Announced for June- $299 Price Tag.

[Courtesy of Apple]

As you may have heard, last night at the NAB conference Apple announced their new Final Cut Pro X. FCPX is a revolutionary next step in Apple's pro app lineup. It not only is a complete redesign of FCP from the ground up- it redefines pricing, simplicity, and the overall demographic of the pro app world. It incorporates many new/super exciting features, i.e. background rendering, multitasking during import, magnetic timeline, and probably one of the most notable... the $299 price point- making a once niche software at a niche price completely accessible to the masses.

I have no doubt that Apple knows what they are doing but the UI redesign, although slick, has me worried. Now, it may just be the simple concept of change that gets me pacing back and forth, or the fact that it mimics the appearance of imovie rather than the norm of entry level mimicing pro. I'm sure I will warm up to it and don't get me wrong I'm super pumped. Maybe all it will take is getting my hands on it for a few hours and I know I'll be sold but I just can't help but have that shadow of a doubt in the back of my mind...but who am I kidding...background rendering makes everything worth it.



  1. I haven't done enough research to really understand all the changes with FCPX yet, but it seems that they've stopped basing the program off of traditional editing techniques that were used with film, and focusing on making it work logically on a computer interface. I love it!

    Bw, this is a great blog Josh. Been following it when you tweet updates, so keep it up!

  2. I too love the idea of changing the way we think about NLE but at the same time I am not sure I like the reality of it (for now). I'm sure I'll fall and love w/ it later- and I'm not gunna lie, I'm quite giddy to see what's actually in store as this was merely a 'sneak peak.'

    Thanks for the M|F support! :)