February 8, 2011

DIY - Skater Dolly

Alright guys, this one I'm going to need some input on...Recently, I decided to work on another DIY project using some of the leftover PVC from the DIY-Shoulder Mount. This one was pretty simple and ran me somewhere in the vicinity of $8.50 with a little help from the Sal on the rollerblades.

It rolls smoothly, readjusts easily, and stores perfectly. But I can't seem to come up with a solid solution for the most important piece...the fluid head mount. As it stands, I took a pvc end cap and drilled a 3/4" hole in it to hold the fluid head. But it tends to wobble and doesn't want to sit straight. Any ideas are welcome.

PVC: $3
Bolts: $2
Wheels: $3.50


  1. can you add another bridge off of the center? take a t mount, to make a square on the top. then attach some wood to make a base for the mount.

  2. @skipper - Not a bad idea at all! That might help solidify things. Any idea what you would attach the wood with?

  3. I actually was able to eliminate the majority of the wobble by waking up and realizing that I could put a permanent bolt inside that end cap tighten it like there is no tomorrow and screw the fluid head onto that... for some reason that didn't occur to me until 3 months later. - Now it's perfect.