January 28, 2011

Art Exhibition

Back in October I had the honor of working with a good friend of mine who owns and designs for "Not Design." Drew described to me what the mission, purpose, and theme of the exhibit was. I really liked the idea and was on board from the get-go. I hopped in the car one Saturday morning and drove out to Grand Rapids. We shot the whole thing in one day using a Canon T2i. Drew (who has never edited anything before, mind you) did a great job editing the footage together, stylizing it to look as though it was shot on 8mm and giving it meaning.  The video was was played on a 1970's woodbox TV with vintage furniture and shag rugs creating the atmosphere. It stood on its own in the corner of an art museum. Video and Drew's excerpt below.

Drew Vanderveen: video installation.
Excerpt from statement: “Common Knowledge seeks to inform this dialogue by questioning definitions of success and intelligence as they are currently presented by the education system and what kinds of progress are incentivized in the collective acceptance of those terms and the educational model that presents them.

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